CPAs Providing Financial Planning

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N/L Financial Services LLC, a division of Naden/Lean LLC, brings a unique perspective to your financial well being. N/L Financial combines our long history of expertise in certified public accounting (CPA) with sound wealth accumulation and preservation strategies.

In the past, some of our clients were receiving sales driven advice that may not have necessarily been in their best interest. N/L Financial was founded in order to help our clients achieve their unique financial goals and dreams. After extensive research we formed strategic alliances with highly trained professionals who share our views of client integrity and personal service. 


Using a needs based approach, our strategic alliance gives us access to both the quantity and quality of tools and products necessary to fulfill our clients' needs. This allows us to more closely assist our clients in helping them evaluate their financial needs and meet their financial goals.


Financial issues are important and personal. They demand the concentration and attention of a trusted advisor relationship. You’ll find this at N/L Financial Services. Our professionals are dedicated to helping you realize your overall financial goals and can save you valuable time while addressing your questions and concerns. Best of all, you will experience the peace of mind of having an integrated strategy for your finances.